Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):



On-Demand Payments


Q. How do I enroll?
A. To enroll your policy in our Automatic Payment program, select one of these online methods:
  • Logged-in users can enroll by selecting the Set Up Automatic Payments button on the Account Summary screen.
  • Without logging in, you can enroll by clicking on Make a one-time payment, enroll in automatic payments or paperless billing on the login page, then entering the account information. On the Express Billing Account Summary screen, select the Set Up Automatic Payments button.

Once you are presented with the Manage Preferences screen, select the desired Automatic Payment Type, either EFT or credit/debit card* (*for accounts with total annual premium <$ 25,000). Enter your email address for paperless delivery of your automatic payment notifications, followed by your financial information.

To enroll by phone, contact your local agent or call the Billing Service Center. The phone numbers are on the front of your invoice or available online.

Q. When does the automatic payment process become active on my account?
A. Please allow one business day for your account to be updated.
Q. Why is the Set Up Automatic Payments option not displayed?
A. There are various reasons why this option may not be available:
  1. Account has already been set up on automatic payments
  2. Account has an automatic payment transaction pending that has not yet been processed
  3. Account does not contain an 'active' policy (all policies are pending cancel, canceled or expired)
  4. Account is not eligible for this option due to the number of bank returns for insufficient funds


Q. How does automatic payments work?
A. By choosing this option, you will be automatically enrolled in paperless billing for delivery of your automatic payment notifications. You may select one of these payment methods:
  • Electronic funds transfer (EFT) - your bank transfers money to Liberty Mutual Insurance to pay your insurance premium from a checking account of your choice. You can save on installment fees with this option*.
  • Credit/debit card - the respective card company transfers money to Liberty Mutual Insurance to pay your insurance premium by charging the credit/debit card you have selected for this process. Installment fees are charged with this option. This option is available for billing accounts with total annual billing account premium less than $25,000.

*Savings vary by state.

For both options mentioned above, automatic payments can be either in full, or on a monthly basis. You will receive a notification at least 10 business days before your first automatic payment will occur.
Q. How do I know my bill is paid?
A. Your payment information will be viewable on the History screen for your Billing account or displayed on your bank statement.
Q. How do I plan my finances to ensure I will have enough money in my checking account or on my credit/debit card on the day the automatic payment is processed?
A. Your payment will be made on the same day of each month so that you can plan accordingly. If you are still concerned, during enrollment we provide you the option to receive a notice a minimum of 10 days in advance of each automatic payment. We'll also notify you if there is a change in your payment amount in excess of $15.00.
Q. Are there any fees associated with the automatic payment options?
A. The assessment of installment fees is based on whether you select the EFT or credit/debit card option:
  • EFT - save on installment fees* with this option.
  • Credit/debit card - the same installment fees as applicable to the non-automatic plans are charged with this option.

*Savings vary by state.

Q. While I am enrolled in an automatic payment option, can I still make on-demand payments?
A. Yes. You can make on-demand payments via EFT, credit/debit card and ATM debit if there is a balance on your account. Depending on the timing, this payment may reduce your next automatic payment amount(s). (Note: On-demand payments via credit/debit card are only available for Billing accounts with a total annual premium less than $25,000.)
Q. How are audits handled?
A. You will receive an audit notification showing the amount of a recent final audit premium before we adjust your next payment. You will receive an automatic payment notification 20 - 30 days prior to the next payment date showing the amount that will be processed. Audit premium will be processed in full. If the final audit resulted in a return of premium to the customer, a credit for the amount of the returned premium will apply to the remaining automatic payments, until exhausted. If there are no remaining payments scheduled, the balance will be refunded to you in full.
Q. What if I wish to discontinue automatic payments?
A. You may opt out of automatic payments at any time by selecting the Automatic Payments button on the Manage Preferences menu.
Q. Is the automatic payments process available for Your Way Pay™ policies?
A. No. While the Your Way Pay process does initiate an automatic withdrawal of the payment upon the policyholder's reporting of activity, this is a separate process from our standard automatic payments process. This payment option is available at new business or renewal. Please contact your agent if you wish to have a policy issued on Your Way Pay.

On-Demand Payments:

Q. Is the on-demand payment option still available if I choose not to enroll in automatic payments?

Yes. If you want to continue to initiate your payments but don't want to write a check, you can use the on-demand payment option to pay your bill.

  • Logged-in users can make a same-day payment or schedule a future payment**, if not past due. Select the Pay Now button on the Account Summary screen.
  • Without logging in, you can make a same-day payment by clicking on Make a one-time payment, enroll in automatic payments or paperless billing on the login page.

**Some credit and debit cards may be excluded.